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Dozens of template sizes to meet the needs of different scenes

WeChat public number

The cover of the public number

Public Cover Page

WeChat QR code

Social Media

Mobile Poster

WeChat circle of friends

Friends Circle Invitation

Online printing

DM Flyer (A4)

Business Card






Original quality templates are updated daily to help you complete graphic design efficiently

Functional, more efficient and easier to work with

After Photoshop, a new generation of digital image enhancement processing and graphic design tools. ———BBC
Fotor is a typical technology-driven product. The same is the retouching tool, Fotor is taking the route of professional high B grid. ———36kr
Fotor is a simple and easy-to-use photo landscaping app that focuses on improving image quality, reducing the difficulty of photo processing, replacing photos with new ones in a few clicks, and filtering filters. Enhancements are also worth using. ——— Minority
Using Fotor"s “drag and drop” online design tool, you can complete a satisfactory graphic design in a few minutes, reducing the manpower and motivation of the startup team and the media. Financial costs. ———愛范兒
Fotor creates a variety of beautiful templates for domestic users based on different application scenarios and size requirements. This allows users to quickly complete designs by simply modifying the text. . ———砍柴網
Fotor itself is a technology-driven company. The team has achieved certain technical achievements in the fields of image dynamic range matching technology, image content recognition and retrieval, and deep learning. ———獵云網
Fotor replaces some of the very simple and fast design requirements with a beautifully crafted template. ———Entrepreneurship
Hug cooperation, continuous innovation
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Every time the inspiration comes out, it is the germination of creation.
More features, waiting for you to discover
Graphic Design
Fotor lazy design is the most popular free online graphic design site...
Fotor Lazy Design is the most popular free online graphic design website, offering thousands of design templates for dozens of template sizes for different scenes. Use Fotor"s easy-to-use graphic design tools to get online poster design, card design, Business card design, invitation design, cover design, banner design , WeChat circle design and WeChat QR code design.
Creative material
I want to give the design a little more creativity...
Want to give more creative ideas to your design Say goodbye to the same style of design Use the thousands of beautiful original stickers, borders and background images provided by Fotor >Free material, simple and fast graphic design, making the design more efficient and making the work more interesting.
Photo Editing
Fotor Image Editor is the world"s most popular free photo processing tool...
FotorImage Editor is the world"s most popular free photo processing tool. Fotor not only has one-click landscaping, crop rotation, color adjustment and other basic image editing functions, but also hundreds of exclusive special effects filters such as retro filters, lomo filters, and classic filters prepared by professional photographers. Mirror. You can also use Fotor"s powerful beauty shaping function for microdermabrasion, skin rejuvenation, V-face, slimming, makeup, beauty, tooth whitening, etc. The photo is taken online ps.
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